Ades was founded in 1987 as a passive components distributor in northeast Italy. The company started its business in collaboration with important suppliers such as: SGE-SYSCOM, ARCOTRONICS (now known as KEMET), STELVIO and COGEMA in order to distribute their products. Later, Ades sales activity expanded to the national territory due to use of an agency network and in collaboration with various regional distributors. They cover the Italian sale of Kemet, Cogema and Dem products. All this has led to a substantial increase in sales.


The Ades Internal staff is composed of eighteen people. The production department is specialized in the customization of our product offerings based on our customer’s specific requests. The activity includes wirings, PCB assembly and similar rework. This division has also been manufacturing professional EMI filters in metal case for a few years.


Since 2001 Ades has been partnering with DEM S.P.A., an industry leader who has provided several million filters and coils to European market. In particular DEM S.P.A. has an authorized laboratory for providing certificate of compliance on emissions and EMI suppression. All this allows Ades to offer a professional technical service, which is very much appreciated by customers and it also serves to increase Ades sales promotion.


As explained, Ades is specialized in electronic components for the suppression of EMI noise and the protection of electronic equipments from these interferences. Therefore the commercial focus and customer base of the company are the home appliance and power electronics industries. These businesses require professional support and competence in EMI suppression and compatibility, with a high level of specialization in the products and solutions which are required by Ades customers. All that can only be carried out by distributors who are well-established in the specific area.

For the future Ades aims to carry on with its policy of investment in the warehouse, which means three or four months of stock. This index may not comply with the classic stock rotation rules used by other distributors, but it allows Ades to offer a service of quick delivery, which is more and more required. It also allows the company to implement autonomously its Rolling Forecast policies, Kan Ban and/or Consignment stock rules based on customer forecast. This allows Ades to reduce to a minimum the overheads that would otherwise be needed to support special requests and urgent interventions with the suppliers.

Ades will focus more and more on filters, coils and power capacitors for the power electronics, which is a solid industry in the Italian market, and which is presumably increasing in the areas of energy conversions and traction control. These are sectors in which customers usually prefer expert, technically knowledgeable distributors who are able to offer different solutions which diverge from the simple offer of products appearing in a catalogue.